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Demonized: Hunted by the Darkness ? A Memoir (English Edition)

Livre Ash

A candid and unflinching memoir by the lead singer of multi-platinum rock band Korn.

After an unconventional childhood plagued with severe illnesses, family dysfunction, sexual abuse, and bullying, it's amazing that Korn frontman Jonathan Davis was able to overcome his demons to become one of the most successful frontmen in hard rock. For decades he has kept the most intimate details of his story out of the public eye. His fans know his darkness is real and that the troubles that have plagued him have also fueled his success, but he has never shared the shocking details...until now.

When Davis initially decided to leave his budding career at a mortuary(!), quit his group SexArt and make a full-time commitment to Korn, he had no idea it would entail living in the corner of a crash pad with his bandmates, getting a job at Pizza Hut, and spending most of his time drinking, doing meth, and writing songs with his new band. And although Davis quit drugs and alcohol before most of his bandmates confronted their own addictions, he substituted one addiction for another, turning to uninhibited sex to fuel his appetite for sin (this is a rock 'n' roll memoir, after all.) And yet, despite succumbing to all the trappings of a rock star life (inter-band turmoil, near-death experiences, shameless exploitation), Korn became the most popular band of the so-called '90s nu-metal scene. To date they have sold more than 35 million albums worldwide; four titles have gone multi-platinum, seven have gone platinum, and two have gone gold.

With stories spanning Davis' youth and the band's 25-year career, Demonized is everything that loyal Korn fans have hoped for: something deeply strange, brutally honest, and filled with gripping details of Davis' personal and public life.
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Da Capo Press

Jonathan Davis


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