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Made in Germany since 1918, Waldmann has been manufacturing high class writing instruments made from Solid Sterling Silver 925/ooo, in an amazing variety of designs and models.

The company's history began 1918 in Pforzheim, the traditional German metropolis of jewellery in the Black Forest. Waldmann writing instruments achieved worldwide patents and the masterstroke was honoured on the occasion of the world exposition in Paris in 1937. Further patents succeeded, amongst others for the legendary 'Two-in-One' in 1972. All writing instruments leaving Waldmann's local premises, have been manufactured in hard and affectionate handiwork by skilled craftsmen having long-term experience and using traditional techniques of craftsmanship. Nowadays, as already in its founding year, Waldmann still manufactures its writing instruments at 100% on its German location. Waldmann has been producing for many world famous companies, or manufactures limited editions for momentous occasions, such as for the 150-years jubilee of the sailing competition 'America's Cup', or as the official supplier of an extravagant writing instrument for the 'Byron Nelson' professional golf tournament in the United States. Amongst others Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, etc. were awarded with a Waldmann writing instrument. In 2002 the Steven Spielberg movie 'Catch me if you can' , starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks, recognized the Original 2 colour twist action ball pen, already patented in the fifties, with a part. Michael Schumacher was nominated as a "legend of sports 2012" and the host presented to the seven-time Formula 1 World Champion a diamond-studded fountain pen made from solid sterling silver 925, with piston filling system, made by Waldmann.
CE - Fournitures de bureau
Capuchon avec système de traction / de poussée, clip en acier, noble emballage cadeau
Fines rayures avec un espace de gravure, multicouche brillant laqué noir, poli élevé
Plume en acier inoxydable avec point d'iridium
Les Plumes sont disponibles en or ou acier inoxydable, fine/moyenne/large
Accessoires optionnels: cartouches d'encre standard
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