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The astonishing Kate Bush - singer, writer, dancer, choreographer, arranger, pianist, and star performer - in one of her few live appearances, shot during her famous 'Tour of Life,' at the Hammersmith Odeon in London in 1979. Here we see the birth of a uniquely brilliant career in pop, art, and theater. Bush is notably young here - barely out of her teens, with two albums, both released in 1978 - and yet she devised and managed the entire show: all the songs are Kate Bush originals, and she makes a dazzling series of costume changes, leading a team of dancers in her own choreography, even while singing almost continuously (she uses one of the earliest-ever headset microphones). The effect is gorgeous, surreal, witty, and daring. The concert reminds us that before there was Lady Gaga - and even before Madonna hit it big - there was Kate Bush. Her biggest hits of the first blush of her success are heard here - most notably 'Wow,' 'Wuthering Heights,' and 'Oh England My Lionheart.' This is a fascinating evening from a seminal performer beginning an amazing career.

Track Listing: Moving - Them Heavy People - Violin - Strange Phenomena - Hammer Horror - Don't Push Your Foot On The Heartbrake - Wow - Feel It - Kite - James And The Cold Gun - Oh England My Lionheart - Wuthering Heights


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